The Merchandising Partners Equipment Advantage

Having the right tools for the job is essential

Our varied equipment allows us to produce both small runs and large runs efficiently, allowing us to provide you a quality part at an economical value.

  • CNC precision routing on our twin head machine with a 5’x8’ bed.
  • Two color pad printing on our new Tosh printer.
  • Vacuum forming – either on our automatic 30”x40”, or our large 48”x60” flatbed.
  • Diamond edge polishing with unlimited lengths up to 2” thick metal.
  • Heat bending up to 8 foot lengths, and cold bending also up to 8 foot lengths.
  • Flame polishing, and edge finishing on almost any type of plastic material.
  • Drilling on our six spindle press.
  • Drape and pressure forming utilizing our 800 degree oven.
  • Vertical and Horizontal injection molding equipment.
  • Thermoforming with die bed of 20” x 36”.
  • Large format flat-bed digital printing up to 48” x 96”.